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Why Find Resume and not Find Nearest Pizzeria?

After weeks of work we are now LIVE in Australia. You may ask what is this site all about. This is a place where you can create your online resume for free. You might think we have LinkedIn™ so why have another website to list your credentials. Well the thing is they do something completely different from what we do. What we provide is a place where you can create your online resume and make it visible to Find Resume users and others alike.

These days more and more employers carry out online vetting processors to hire the best of the best. In the current market the employers have the upper hand. So they do try their best to find the right person to join their team. Many would see this as a threat and losing the control you used to have few years back.

We at Find Resume believe this is best time for the savvy job hunter to win over others in the same industry. Why just apply for a job and sit back. Start marketing yourself. You have to make sure your work/portfolio shows up in places really matters. You may not be a web guys or an Online Marketer but there are things you can do to make yourself stand up from your competition.

Our mission is to give your CV a good chance to get in-front of the competition. In the coming weeks/months we will start adding added values products, tools and irrationalities to Find Resume Australia. We might even start promoting you on our Facebook page or even in one of our promo videos, with your permission of course.

As much as we are asking you to spread the word, we understand this will be your secret portion and you do not give away all your secrets to your competition. If that is the case then why not introduce us to your friends who are NOT doing the same job as you. Without You this tool is nothing.


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