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Free Resume Creator

Free Resume Creator

Our most exciting new addition is the new Resume Creator! This tool will allow you to create a PDF resume giving you the ability to change many aspects of your resume. Designing your resume in this manner is so easy. While some of our competitors charge you for the number of resumes and number of images you can have in your resume we are giving all these features for FREE!!!

Find Resume team is here to help all types of users whether you currently have a job and looking for another job or you lost your job and trying to find a new one. The last thing we at Find Resume wants to do is charge you money. Give us a try and enjoy creating your Resume for Free.

As always we really do appreciate your input.


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Feature Release – Multiple resumes and draft option

We finally managed to go live with our site update. This new release will let you create more than one resume. We all know having a single resume to cater for all the employers is not the most effective way to land that most important interview. So now you can have as many resumes you want under which ever category you prefer. Make sure to select the category most suites you. Employers tend to drill down to the most relevant category. So make sure you specify a sub category in your resume.

Another feature we included is the ability to publish or unpublish a resume from been displayed to prospective employers. We wanted to give you the ability to work on your resume and when you are ready let the outside world see it. So now you can take your time to create your perfect resume over the weekend or during the holiday period.

View our video on this release in our YouTube channel.

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Facing interviews with confidence with a rock solid resume

Prepare your resume

While most of us are looking forward to our Christmas holidays and not looking so forward to go back to work there are others who would do anything to get a job. I thought of writing this article for the ones out there who are trying their hardest to start a new job in the new year. We would be more than happy to share all our knowledge we gathered over the past few years as employers and employees.

Most of us been in a side where you had to sit in-front of a person who bombards tricky questions just to make sure whether we are smart enough to join their organisation. Some scrutinize your resume for dates and job responsibilities just to catch you out. Then there are others,  who truly wants to know you and nervous as much as you are.

So how do you perform in all these kind of situations? Well the thing is, no one knows. Why you may ask. Because there are all kinds of  personalities conducting these interviews. Some take the methodological approach and others take a more fuzzy approach. Some look for the personality others look for skills. Some look for young new blood while others look for domain veterans.

Even though you cannot choose the person who is going to interview you, there are Interview 101 that you ought to do to make sure you have done  everything you could do to land your ideal job. Below are the items we managed to compile from our experience and what we look for when we conduct interviews. Therefore this may or may not suite your situation but please be free to read and send us what you have learned from your experience.

  • Make sure the gap between jobs are no more than 3 months.  If there are gaps then prepare to explain if asked, Why.
  • Make sure there are no misspelling in your resume. You can use any word processor application to do this job.
  • Make sure to have your last job first in the list because your prospective employer is interested in what you did in your last job or what you are working on now than the job you did after leaving school 10 years ago.
  • Make sure NOT to use more than 2 type of font faces unless you are a designer and know what you are doing. Otherwise keep it clean and simple.
  • Each company has their own preference on what they want to see as a job application. Unless specified stick to a 2 page resume layout. As much as you want to list all your jobs in the last 15 years please try to restrain yourself in providing a clear concise description about your responsibilities. which will go back to a maximum of up to 10 years.
  • Use a colour or 2 to differentiate between types such as Employer Name or Job Title or Skills
  • When writing your resume try to use positive vocabulary such as, expert, team player, positive impact, responsible. For a more exhaustive list please visit
  • Do not spend too much time on listing your hobbies and your school achievements unless you are applying for your first job.
  • Try to have some online presence. There is good online presence and bad online presence.  Try to use social media to your advantage. Make all those drunken party pictures private and NOT public everyone to see. These days lot of employers do search prospective employee details online. Use this to your advantage and write blogs to show you have the domain knowledge. Use a free service such as Find Resume to create your free online resume to show you are trying your best find a job and you are persistent and you are up-to-date with the latest online trends.
  • The interview is not only for you, it is also for you to interview your prospective employer. Do not be scared to ask other questions apart from the most obvious. Try to be creative in your questions to your prospective employer. When asking questions try to present them as they are not all about YOU but also about them. They want to know whether you are interested in them as well. If you are not sure where to start here are some questions from

We hope the information above will get you to Square One which is ready for an interview. But how you would get through the new software some big players use to filter the best resumes from the poor resumes may be in our next blog post. Always keep looking for new ways to get that face to face interview. If you get the interview that is a triumph in it self. If you did not get the job don't put yourself down. Look at this as new experience to make your self better.

One last thing, always send a thank you letter yes that is right a letter not an email thanking the person who conducted the interview for taking time off their busy schedule to meet up with you. Who knows what could happen...

Good Luck!


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We have launched Find Resume Australia

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Why Find Resume and not Find Nearest Pizzeria?

After weeks of work we are now LIVE in Australia. You may ask what is this site all about. This is a place where you can create your online resume for free. You might think we have LinkedIn™ so why have another website to list your credentials. Well the thing is they do something completely different from what we do. What we provide is a place where you can create your online resume and make it visible to Find Resume users and others alike.

These days more and more employers carry out online vetting processors to hire the best of the best. In the current market the employers have the upper hand. So they do try their best to find the right person to join their team. Many would see this as a threat and losing the control you used to have few years back.

We at Find Resume believe this is best time for the savvy job hunter to win over others in the same industry. Why just apply for a job and sit back. Start marketing yourself. You have to make sure your work/portfolio shows up in places really matters. You may not be a web guys or an Online Marketer but there are things you can do to make yourself stand up from your competition.

Our mission is to give your CV a good chance to get in-front of the competition. In the coming weeks/months we will start adding added values products, tools and irrationalities to Find Resume Australia. We might even start promoting you on our Facebook page or even in one of our promo videos, with your permission of course.

As much as we are asking you to spread the word, we understand this will be your secret portion and you do not give away all your secrets to your competition. If that is the case then why not introduce us to your friends who are NOT doing the same job as you. Without You this tool is nothing.


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