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Why FindResume is different from other online resume websites

FindResume was developed based on a personal requirement. I developed FindResume to help me find a job. which give

This website was made to help out who ever is looking for a job or wanted to move up the ladder. I have implemented features I thought would help me. Some of the most exciting features are the Online Resume Designer which gives you the power to change the design elements of your Resume. The designer will let you change the font face and the layouts from a selection of tried and tested layouts.

One of the questions I always had was, "How do I know my resume has the best layout".  For this I have researched well into this subject and have now provided you the ability to rate your resume. Based on your resume content Find Resume can analyse your resume and give you a rating from A to C.

This will also give you an online profile which will help you when potential employers search for your name. Did I mention these days lot of employers search online for the potential employees.  We have made is simple to import your LinkedIn profile straight into Find Resume in a matter of seconds. Then you can create a PDF version of your Resume which you can email it to your potential employer or download it free of charge.

We would not stamp our logo in the resumes that get generated. They look professional and they work!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

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Positive outlook in the Australian job market

Whether you’ve just graduated from university or just a professional looking for a shift in career or a change in scenery, Australia may just offer you that place you’re looking for. Living in Australia is not hard for new comers as long as you can speak the English language, you’ll survived.

Australia is a highly industrialized country providing its people with a steady economy after the recession it suffered from the 1980s. Despite the great recession the world in the west is suffering now, Australia is still right on tracks providing decent jobs for its people with just a 5.2% unemployment rate since last December 2011. The number went down from a couple of notches from its average of 7.9%; is still set to get lower still when it can stabilize itself more on the worldwide recession occurrence. The country was the first to leave the world economic crisis in this early decade of the 21st century.

Australia is well known for its mining industry where it took a significant part in the country’s job market, with trading activities around the Pacific rims, China, Japan and the United States this serves as important ties for the Australian economy.  That’s why they hire lots of overseas workers to them service on the service sector.

Working in Australia may not be a dream anymore for its relatively easy to look for jobs there. With the help of online job sites and easy passport immigration applications, a person who aims to work at the “Land of Oz” might just get there after all.

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